It is not a coincidence that the most developed countries in the world are also industrial countries…

As a member of a family who knows that the key to sustainable employment is industrialization and has not given up the love of production for nearly 70 years, I see that “production is the way out of the economic and social problems our country is experiencing.

There is a lot of work to be done for the development of our country with a young and dynamic population and to reach the welfare level of the developed countries.  If we want to find a solution to our young unemployment; if we want to give jobs and vacancies to our 900 thousand young people who join the labor force every year; if we have to meet our foreign exchange needs by making these exports instead of borrowing with high interest rates; If we want to achieve sustainable and continuous growth, our only recipe is industrialization…

Every company that makes production in our country should be aware of this and never give up production.  Özdersan, the world's largest manufacturer of leather machinery, is one of those companies. Our company, which always adopts the best, highest quality and most efficient solution in our sector, continues to export with its strong financial structure, to bring foreign currency to our country, and to increase the number of qualified and high-powered employees.

We are proud to build the largest castle in the world in our sector by saying “Every factory is a castle” of our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our republic. But we never see enough of what we do.

We have the strength, the will, the knowledge and the skills to move forward to larger goals… We reflect our 38 years of experience blended with morality and honesty for 3 generations to every product we produce, and we are committed to providing the most appropriate solutions to our customers.

We sincerely thank all our employees, customers and suppliers who have brought us to this day… 

Atilla Özbek

Özdersan Deri Makinaları Ltd. Şti.

Chairman of Board