In 1950, when the Turkish industry entered the development process, the Özbek Family from İzmir, who took the first steps in the production of machinery, began the journey of industrialism, which was close to 70 years. The family, which has been manufacturing machinery for more than thirty years in different sectors, decided to evaluate the knowledge and experience acquired in that field until the 1980s in the different fields of manufacturing machines.

Founded in 1981 under the leadership of Atilla Özbek, Özdersan Deri Makinaları Limited Şirketi successfully represents our country in global markets with the title of “Made in Turkey” as the “world's largest manufacturer in the leather machinery sector”.

Özdersan continues its activities in an area of 7 thousand square meters in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, while 70 percent of its production is exported; and meets its customers with its own brand in nearly 50 countries including Italy, Russia and China.

Providing basic engineering services to its customers in addition to the possibility and ability to manufacture 55 different types of machinery in the bovines (calf), small cattles (goat, sheep etc.) and wool leather (fur, prey animals etc.) segments, Özdersan, which is oriented in 100% customer satisfaction with its price, delivery, quality, training and after-sales technical support works, continues its productive and result-oriented R & D activities in the leather industry.

In order to increase productivity in manufactoring and to reach the bar of sustainable success in capacity maximization, Özdersan has been continuously improving its business processes and has largely completed the compliance with Industry 4.0 in its sector.

Providing the technical services of high-tech machines bearing its own brand on the internet in 2017, our company is proud of having the success of Turkish industry, Turkish engineers and workers accepted in the world.